This is Emma's Grandpa.  
They don't come much more
of a total package than he
is!  His parents are Dutchess
and Fritz.  Pictured Below!
IHD's Fritz Sohn Von Roll Tide
This is our once in a lifetime
dog!!  He was his own bird
dog at 5 months.  He was
easy to train and listens well
in the home and the field!!
"Where Great Hunting Dogs Don't Happen By Accident"
EMMA'S Parents &
Grand Parents
Health Clearances:
Hips:  GSP-17816G32F-VPI
Eyes:  GSP-EYE823/25F-PI

2019 Litter Picturess
Emma's pedigree speaks for itself.  She is a beautiful liver girl. Her Mom, IHD's Woody's
Gorgeous George JH - "Gorge" is out of  Madison & Splitter (a Fritz x Dutchess pup). She has
some awesome dogs in her pedigree ie. DC Eagle Ridge Royal Magnitude MH, DC Nmk's
Shining Star-V Rugerheim MH, DC Rugerheim's Bit Of Bourbon, BIS/BISS/NSC Can Ch  DC
Nmk's Brittania V Sibelstein, 2x NFC DC Leibmeister's Roll Tide, FC-AFC Biere's Evolution,  
as well as lots of other titled dogs.
We are expecting incredible things from this little girl :),
IHD's Woody's Gorgeous George JH - "Gorge"
Mr. Drawdoow SH - "Drawdoow"
Drawdoow is full of desire, style, and bird sense.
Drawdoow is a strong bird finder, he has hunted
Chukar, Quail, wild Pheasant, Partridge and
Grouse. When it comes right down to it,
Drawdoow is a bird dog hands down. In the home,
he is mellow and enjoyable. But where he is truly
at his best is hunting wild birds.

NSTRA  - Open
5/12/12 - 4th place - 0pts
5/12/12 - 2nd place - 2pts
3/24/13 - 4th place - 0pts
3/24/13 - 3rd place - 1pts
5/25/13 - 4th place - 1pts (Regional Final)
5/25/13 - 1st place - 3pts (Regional Elim)
5/26/13 - 1st place - 3pts
5/11/14 - 3rd place - 1pts
6/22/14 - 4th place - 0pts
4/25/15 - 1st place - 3pts
Total pts= 14/18 for Championship

8/22/10 - 3rd place - Walking FT

Hunt Test
8/20/10 - Hunt Test Water Pass
8/20/10 - Junior Hunter Pass
8/21/10 - Junior Hunter Pass
5/7/11 - Junior Hunter Pass
5/8/11 - Junior Hunter Pass
8/19/11 - Senior Hunter Pass
8/20/11 - Senior Hunter Pass
8/25/12 - Senior Hunter Pass
8/26/12 - Senior Hunter Pass

DNA:  V701846
Hip OFA: Excellent
She is full of spunk and love.  She is keeping us all on our
toes, she's got a personality that goes on for miles and she's
keeps a smile on your face with her antics.

As of 8/25/13- Gorge has achieved 2 of 4 JH legs for her
title.  She ran awesome, although she was a little unsure of
herself and is gaining confidence in leaps and bounds.

As of 9/29/13- Gorge has achieved 3 of 4 JH legs for her
title.  She has grown in confidence so much in just a few
weeks, she showed herself as the amazing yet weirdo that
she is.  She had huge range and was steady as can be.  We
couldn't be any happier with her than we currently are.

As of 4/5/14- Gorge achieved her final leg of her JH title.  
She ran with huge range and was very steady.

As of 4/6/14- Gorge achieved her 1st leg of her SH title.  
We couldn't be any happier with how big and steady she

We are seeing great things with this girl and are excited to
see what kind of pups she adds to our line.

LD: Clear
Eyes: Clear
OFA:  Excellent
NMK's One & Only
This is Emma's Grandma.  
She has been such a treat to
have.  She is an incredible
bird dog, but more than
that, she is a lover and a
dancer.  She is where
George gets ther love and
Marco, owned by Gail Fennell received his Junior Hunter title this weekend
thanks to Josh Woodward at Woodward Kennels . Marco is one of Gunner
and Emma puppies born Nov 8, 2016 from Cheryl and Mark Matthiesen at
Idaho Hunting Dogs. Thanks for all the help Josh!!!