Hello Fellow Dog Enthusiasts;

We at the German Shorthaired Club of America (GSCPA) were very excited to see one of our breed win the coveted Best in Show
at Westminster in 2005. We of course are very proud of our breed and appreciative that the rest of the country was able to witness
this great win.

HOWEVER, we wish to let the broader public know that ‘THIS BREED IS NOT FOR EVERYONE’.

The above comment is not intended to be elitist, but it is more an acknowledgement that this breed is a high energy dog that
requires owners with a very active lifestyle. The Shorthair is a sporting dog and a very versatile hunting companion. It requires a
lot of exercise and attention, especially during the first 4-5 years of its life. Although not all owners of Shorthairs are active hunters
there are other venues within which the Shorthair excels, such as obedience and agility trials, tracking and search and rescue.

This is not to say that the dog is not a good family pet, it certainly can be, but it bears repeating that the dog needs to be in an
environment where its high level of energy and activity can be accepted and absorbed. Shorthairs love to be with their owners
and will suffer greatly if ignored and not provided with adequate opportunity to release their energy in a positive manner.

We are very strong supporters of responsible breeding and responsible dog ownership. We recognize that the Best in Show win at
Westminster will generate a significant amount of new interest in our breed. With that in mind, we have posted a
FAQ on our Web
site and would encourage everyone to spend the time reviewing that information.

After reviewing the
FAQ, those individuals still interested in owning a GSP need to be prepared for a lot more research on
responsible breeders and what it takes to be a responsible dog owner.

Please take the time to do the research on our breed and to make an honest assessment of your particular lifestyle and its
application to the German Shorthaired Pointer. Upon doing so, and if a Shorthaired Pointer will fit with your lifestyle, then we will
welcome you with open arms into our Shorthair family. At that point, we would also encourage you to become a member of the
German Shorthaired Pointer Club of America, where you will have an opportunity to participate in a club dedicated to the
betterment of the GSP and its owners.

Thanks again for your interest;

Robert Straight
German Shorthaired Pointer Club of America   
Guidelines from GSPCA ... Is this breed right for you?
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