LIESEL is our first Deutsch Kurzhaar out of Kalins Kennel.  She is an super young dog!!  This is a real nice pup out of
several titled dogs. They are bred for NATURAL ABILITY and  CONFORMATION. She makes a nice addition to any kennel
who is looking to improve on their lines with this pedigree.  She is registered with the DK as well as Canadian Kennel
Club.  She is from superior German lines, making them some of the best in world.  Along with the drive and desire to
work comes the calmness and mannerly dogs you want to have around the house.  Quiet in the house, they get along
with people and children well, as well as other pets  Check out her pedigree and you will see why we are so excited to
breed to this girl!
Health Clearances:
OFA: HIPS:  "Excellent" (Pre-lim)

"Where Great Hunting Dogs Don't Happen By Accident"
                                Liesel's Parents
DAM:  Liesa Vom Osterberg  FDJr, Derby Prize I, VJP (69 pts.), AZP Prize I, V2 (German

Ilo vom Osterberg ZB Nr. 0498/11    D1 VJP69 S1 BTR HN HD-A1 Fw: V1
Liesa is a black and white girl.  Yes, German
Shorthair Pointers do come in black and white as
well as solid black.  In Germany, black and white are
not only in the standard but are sought after dogs.  
Liesa is full of drive in the field and lives to find
waterfowl. Her waterworks, and determination make
it impossible for the loss of wounded game.  She is a
medium sized female (60 cm, 25.5 kg (56 lbs)), with
nice bone, and a typical female Shorthair head.  A
solid black head and patched butt, with a very open
white body makes her pleasing to the eye and easy
to spot in the field while hunting.  Liesa is very
biddable, good in the house, and great with children.
Ilo is a true testament to the breed and has excelled in
both the field and ring. He can be described as an
elegant noble male with an abundance of natural
ability. He has excelled in all facets of his training and
is very much a nose driven dog with a high desire for
game. His field search is systematic and expansive. In
the water Ilo has the perfect blend of perseverance
and commitment.

Ilo possesses a calm demeanour and can be found living
in the house with two young children and another dog.
When called upon, Ilo is all business and has been used
extensively in Ontario, Quebec and South Dakota.
Individuals interested in exceptional conformation
married with a tremendous amount of drive and desire
will appreciate Ilo’s abilities and infusion into the