"Our goal is to produce a dual quality GSP with exceptional conformation and reliable bird finding ability that will manage for any hunter"

If you are interested in one of our litters, please complete our
so we may get to know a little about you also.

Please contact us via email
give us a call at  208-681-6127 in the evenings after 7:00 MST.
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Puppies you'll love...
Manageable, stylish German Shorthaired Pointers, even
tempered with a strong desire to hunt, point and retrieve
naturally - health guaranteed and shipped most anywhere in the
United States.
German Shorthaired Pointers at their best....
We strive to produce the best hunting companions possible by
selectively breeding compatible German Shorthaired Pointers
that will give us very predictable results!
All of our puppies will be Microchipped before they go to their new homes.
We will register all puppies with your choice of name with AKC for you :)
Don't miss out on a great pup from the breeding of your choice.  Get your $200.00 deposit in now.
Litter Announcements
We are very careful about placing our pups in responsible, educated homes, so here are some questions that will help
us learn more about you.  We truly appreciate you taking the time to complete this for us!!

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Do you have a fenced yard for the dog to run in?  If
so, how tall is the fence?  If you don't have a 6'
fence, how do plan on keeping the dog contained as
they are great athletes?
What experience do you have with GSP's?
Have you owned them in the past?
Are you aware of their high energy?
What are your thoughts on crate training?
If you live where it is cold or extremely hot, how
would you keep the dog cool or warm?
What are your thoughts on nutrition?  What brands of
dog food have you fed in the past?
Do you currently have other animals?  What kind?
GSP's require consistent obedience training, do you
intend to take your dog to obedience classes, if not
how do you plan to train your dog?
We just want to make sure our pups to quality homes as they are like our children to us!!
Cheryl Stephenson
Puppy Application
It is the policy of Idaho Hunting Dogs to accept only 10 deposits per litter (5 for males/5 for females).  Though making a deposit
for a male/female pup from a specific litter, you (the buyer) acknowledge that the breeder has no control over how many
puppies will actually be born in a given litter, nor the sex of those puppies.  Similarly, circumstances may arise in the breeding
and/or during the pregnancy where the anticipated date of the litter may change or be delayed.  Bottom line, “Mother Nature” is
the one ultimately in control of many of these details.  

Similarly, if someone wants to make a deposit for a puppy “just in case” there may be an additional puppy available, and in the
event that the deposit is beyond the range of our standard policy, we will accept such a deposit but only with the understanding
that the buyer accepts full responsibility that, in all likelihood, he/she will NOT get a puppy out of that litter.  

to the next available spot on the litter of their choice.
"Where Great Hunting Dogs Don't Happen By Accident"
PLANNED  LITTERS 2018 & 2019
LIVE PUPPY CAM  http://www.ustream.tv/channel/ihd-gsp
Emma & Roscoe

Puppies due December 3, 2018

Roscoe's Page
Emma's Page
Liesel & Roscoe

Welped 8/22/2018
2 Handsome Boys & 7 Beautiful Girls
Puppy Pictures

Roscoe's Page
Liesel's Page
Meg & Roscoe

Planned for Jauary/February 2019

Roscoe's Page
Meg's Page