We are very careful about placing our pups in responsible, educated homes, so here are some questions that will help
us learn more about you.  We truly appreciate you taking the time to complete this for us!!

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How did you hear about IDAHO HUNTING DOGS?
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What are your plans with your
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Do you have a fenced yard for the dog to run in?  If
so, how tall is the fence?  If you don't have a 6'
fence, how do plan on keeping the dog contained as
they are great athletes?
What experience do you have with GSP's?
Have you owned them in the past?
Are you aware of their high energy?
What are your thoughts on crate training?
If you live where it is cold or extremely hot, how
would you keep the dog cool or warm?
What are your thoughts on nutrition?  What brands of
dog food have you fed in the past?
Do you currently have other animals?  What kind?
GSP's require consistent obedience training, do you
intend to take your dog to obedience classes, if not
how do you plan to train your dog?
Puppy Application
We just want to make sure our pups to quality homes as they are like our children to us!!
Blake & Cheryl Stephenson
"Where Great Hunting Dogs Don't Happen By Accident"